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Leading Excellence in Virtual Wound Care


Welcome to Advanced

A *NSWOC – led wound care clinic providing Virtual Wound Care Consultation and Management Solutions to the region of Northwestern Ontario and beyond.


  • We use leading edge Technology to improve timely access to Certified Wound Care Experts.
  • We bridge the gap between clinical evidence, scientific knowledge, and wound care practice to improve wound healing and quality of life for people with wounds.

Our clients benefit from leading-edge Technology and Telehealth to access to Certified Wound Experts anywhere, anytime!

 * NSWOC – Nurse Specialized in Wound, Ostomy and Continence

How Our Virtual Services Work

EASY ACCESS. Download our APP. Instantly Connect with our Certified Wound Care Nurses and our multidisciplinary network of healthcare providers.

TIMELY. It enables timely access to advanced Wound Care services from anywhere, anytime!

EVIDENCE-BASED. Our Certified Wound Care Nurses remain up-to-date with research and current best-practices.

COST EFFECTIVE. It sounds expensive? It’s not. Advanced offers multiple ways to access services for organizations.

SAFE and SECURE. Connect with confidence through a safe virtual platform and secure APP that follows HIPAA & PIPEDA regulation. Review Advanced privacy policy here.

Why Us


Our team of Certified Wound Care Nurses and multidisciplinary network work with you and your team to build wound care capacity by:

  • Identifying and addressing factors impacting wound healing of your clients.
  • Determining the necessary processes, procedures and documentations to improve outcomes.
  • Working with your healthcare team to enhance their knowledge, experience and skills about wound management.
  • Implementing best practice to accelerate healing and improve quality of life
  • Optimizing wound care supplies list to ensure cost-effectiveness

Wound Care in Northwest Ontario

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