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Wound Care Education:

The focus of our educational program is to build wound care capacity by designing and delivering wound care courses and training to healthcare providers wishing to improve knowledge, skills and clinical judgement in the management of complex wounds.

We also offer self-management education that helps individuals and caregivers to engage in their care, identify early signs of wound issues and take appropriate actions.

The components of our wound care educational program

1) Education for Healthcare Professionals:

Goal: Build wound care capacity with partner organizations and health care providers by improving knowledge, skills and judgment to provide wound care.

On Site and Virtual Education:

  • Determine staff needs.
  • Design a personalized training program.
  • Deliver training program onsite or online.
  • Provide a hands-on workshop on wound supplies.
  • Deliver debridement training (on foot pig).

Community Education Program:

  • Organize wound management education to a range of healthcare providers.
  • Arrange interactive online workshops.
  • Provide hands-on training (small group).
  • Design and deliver E-learning courses in partnership to wound organizations.
  • Offer customized training to novice clinicians.

2) Consultancy and Product Guide Education:

Goal:  Offer consultancy and education in product guide and best choice according to wound stages, development of policies, and optimization of wound care supplies.

Who May Benefit from this Service:

  • Partner Industry requires consultation and clinical expertise to develop, test the safety and evaluate the quality of new wound management products.
  • Healthcare Providers wishing to obtain knowledge and skills to select the appropriate wound care product to meet the needs of their patients with wounds.
  • Healthcare Facilities (Home care, Long-term Care) – looking to leverage cost-effectiveness in wound management, we provide educational wound care consultation that include reviewing and optimizing wound care supplies, policies, procedures and guidelines.

3) Self-Management Education:

For Patients, Families and Caregivers:

Goal: Support patients and families in the implementation of self-management practices to achieve the desired outcomes.

  • Explore patient’s and family’s perceptions of illness
  • Address factors affecting engagement in self-management
  • Discuss patient and family’s role in prevention and management
  • Goal setting, problem-solving and collaborative planning

For Clinicians:

Goal: Help healthcare professionals to implement strategies to enhance patients’ engagement in wound’s self-management practices. Education sessions involve:

  • Concepts of patient engagement and collaborative care
  • Comprehensive self-management assessment
  • Factors influencing engagement in self- management
  • Strategies to improve patient and family’s engagement

Advantages of Our Consultancy and Educational Services:

Benefits of Our Educational Services:

  • Capacity building to manage wounds
  • Improve cost-effectiveness
  • Optimize wound care supplies
  • Ensure quality of wound care
  • Improve clients’ quality of life
  • Enhance client satisfaction scores for your organization