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Our Wound Care Management Services

Collaborate with healthcare providers and organizations in the delivery of evidence-wound care.

Our qualified and skilled team of wound care nurses offers the latest advanced treatments for healing. We are skilled to select the appropriate type of dressings and technologies to manage the different types of wounds: 

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Pressure injury/ulcer (also known as bedsore)

Our first encounter with a patient includes a comprehensive assessment to identify wound causes, risk factors, and potential to heal. Next, we work with patients, families, and caregivers to develop a care plan that best meets their needs and preferences. Follow-up consultations ensure implementation of care until wounds have healed. Primary healthcare providers are updated about our recommendations and progresses achieved.

Slow or hard-to-heal wounds have a high risk for infection.  Don’t delay seeking help!

Patients and Families
Healthcare Providers
Health Care Providers
Healthcare Organizations

Timely care eliminates travel time and reduces costs.

Our Virtual Consultation allows timely access to wound care specialists and eliminates traveling time as it quickly gets patients and their families on the Care Pathway they need.

Our collaboration with patients, families and caregivers may lead to:

  • Fast access to wound care from the comfort of their home.
  • Reduced unnecessary in-person appointments with associated burdens of travel, missed work, and childcare.
  • Reduced wait times to access a wound care specialist.
  • Appropriate time for appointment to allow consultation to focus on patients’ needs and preferences.
  • Easier access to your wound care specialist .
  • Convenient way of managing chronic wounds that need ongoing care to increase healing and prevent complications.

Expanded networking, collaboration, and clinical capabilities. Better care coordination. Better satisfaction. Peace of mind.

Our collaboration with health care providers has the following benefits:

  • Develop collaboration with wound care specialists to meet patients’ needs and achieve wound healing.
  • Help clients more quickly move to the right care pathway to heal their wounds properly and avoid complications (e.g., infection, hospitalization, and limb amputation).
  • Allow healthcare providers to dedicate more time to focus on the needs of their clients beyond wound care.
  • Receive expert advice from wound care specialists to better direct their clients’ care plan.
  • Validate the need to refer clients to specialized wound care services for a variety of chronic wounds that require ongoing follow-up and care for faster healing.
  • Work in collaboration with wound care experts to answer treatment questions and address wound issues until wound closure.
  • Guide specialized workup recommendations for specific conditions.
  • Ensure patients receive appropriate wound care and treatment by experts in wound management.

Expanded care capacity. Reduced costs. Improved patient experience, satisfaction, and quality of life.

Our collaboration with healthcare organization has the following benefits:

  • Increased on-demand access to wound care specialists within the primary care setting.
  • Reduced cost of wound care by decreasing healing time and optimizing utilization of resources.
  • Building capacity within generalist nurses by collaborating with our certified wound care team to receive expert advice and recommendations to deliver on site care to your clients.
  • Providing rapid and ongoing access to wound care specialists for clients/residents with chronic wounds from the comfort of their home.
  • Reducing travel to appointment for clients in need of face-to-face specialty wound care
  • Improving clients’ satisfaction by reducing unnecessary appointment burden and out-of-pocket travel costs
  • Boosting wound healing ratings and quality of life to clients
  • Reducing emergency room admissions and readmissions due to wound complications.
  • Raising clients and family satisfaction by providing onsite specialized wound care in collaboration with our team.
  • Increasing knowledge of wounds and wound care for clients and care partners.
Virtual Wound Care

Our Virtual Wound Care connects patients, families, and primary care providers to on-call wound care specialists and achieve wound outcomes in a faster manner.

  • Get quick access to wound care specialists.
  • Place patients on the right wound care pathway.
  • Reduce patient wait time to see wound care specialist.
  • Improve patient satisfaction and experience.
  • Provide evidence-based care to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Provide peace of mind to primary care providers knowing their clients are cared for by wound care experts.
  • Optimize wound care resources for partner organizations and revenue.