Advance Wound Care at the 2021 Wounds Canada National Conference

Wounds Canada Award

The Wounds Canada National Conference, in the fall, is the most anticipated wound‑related event in Canada. In 2021, the e-conference brought together healthcare professionals, educators, wound care champions, and health authorities in a virtual gathering. This continuing education event is designed to support healthcare professionals who work with patients with wounds or who are at risk of developing wounds.

Dr. Costa (CEO – Advanced) was the Co-Chair of the conference. She was at the helm of the conference providing leadership to design the agenda and identify renowned national and international speakers. The theme of the conference was to “Connect, Collaborate, and Co-create” changes to advance wound care and improve health outcomes.

“I feel honored and humbled to contribute as a co-chair in this recognized event that for decades has contributed to advance wound prevention and management for all Canadians and brought esteemed speakers from Canada and abroad to share their valuable experiences with our wound care community”, said Dr. Costa.

Unfolding the Goals and Objective of the Conference

  • The conference reviewed and encapsulated the extent and quality of evidence surrounding the prevention and care of an array of wounds.
  • The presence of local, national, and international experts in wound prevention and care made the experience of the attendees enriching.
  • The conference proved to be a knowledge booster for incorporating the most recent scientific evidence, technology, and tools related to wound prevention and care into practice.
  • It offered an avenue for communication and collaboration between practitioners, patients/families, and the industry.
  • All the sessions included pragmatic, patient-centered, budget-friendly approaches to wound prevention and care.
  • Insightful policy implications of wound care-related clinical decisions came into light.

The 3-Day conference began on October 21, and some of the many topics included in the panel discussion are as follows:

  • Closing the Gap on Pressure Injuries: Where are We Now and Where are We Going?
  • The Role of Mental Health in Managing Chronic Wounds
  • Complex Wound Case Reviews: Gender Re-affirming Surgical Complications, Dressing Selection Tips from the Experts
  • Factitious Ulcers, and Life-altering Burns
  • The Impact of COVID-19: Challenges, Solutions, and Future Trends in Wound Care
  • Promoting Autonomy, Empowerment, and Self-management in Patients with Wounds (one of the speakers was Dr. Costa – CEO of Advanced). Dr. Costa and Jones-Bonofiglio presented a very interactive session, where a patient was invited to share her story and experience of being engaged in everyday self-management of a surgical wound.
  • New and Emerging Trends in Diabetic Foot Ulcer Prevention and Treatment
  • The Future of Wound Care: Oral Poster Presentations by National and International researchers

Tapping Into Some of the Intriguing Panel Discussions

Session 25, The Future of Wound Prevention and Care: Gene Therapy, Dermal Substitutes, Platelet-rich Plasma, 3-D Printing (one of the speakers was Dr. Gratzer – CEO DeCell), a Professor at Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada). He created the first-ever Dermal Substitute. Moreover, he presented how it works to break the inflammatory circle of the wound and advance healing.

Without an iota of doubt, it was an informative session that discussed in-depth the role of (and evidence for and accessibility to) new and emerging therapies like 3-D printing, dermal substitutes, platelet-rich plasma, and gene therapy in averting and management of complex wounds. Moreover, the merits and pitfalls of advanced therapies in wound healing in Canada were discussed and addressed in the session.

More 2021 Events Promoted by Wounds Canada

The National Conference was not the last event promoted by Wounds Canada in 2021. It was followed by the first-ever French Symposium on October 24 and the Pressure Injury Symposium on November 18, 2021.“The Pressure Injury Symposium coincides with the recognition of World-Wide Pressure Injury Day on Thursday, November 18, 2021. This virtual event will examine the risks and causes along with the multidisciplinary comprehensive management of pressure injuries by dietitians, nurses, surgeons, physicians, and physiatry to develop strategies, overcome barriers and improve patient outcomes” (Wounds Canada, 2021).