Advance Wound Care and Ridgeway Clinic to Offer Top-Notch Virtual and In-Person Care

AWC Ridgeway Partnership

Offering best-in-class virtual services to an individual has been the motto of Advanced Wound Care. Now, our experts felt the need to extend our services to in-person care. Thus, we have shaken hands with the Ridgeway Clinic to offer holistic services to our patients.

The Ridgeway Clinic is a well-known and respected medical clinic that has recently started offering urgent care, which makes our combined services the go-to option for an individual and families looking for wound care solutions.

A small wound may not appear to be a major issue, but it can quickly become dangerous to the patient’s limbs or even life. Residents of Northwestern Ontario, including First Nations communities, have faced limited access to comprehensive wound care services, which is primarily due to their remote location and financial constraints. (1) There is little doubt that the safest location for those with wounds in these challenging times is their own homes. In particular, now due to COVID-19 pandemic that has demonstrated detrimental influence on early diagnosis, and limiting (even more) access to Wound Care Specialists.

Dr. Costa (CEO of Advanced) and Dr. Wood (Clinical Director of Ridgeway Clinic) decided to join their clinical expertise to meet the demand for wound care services of the community where they live and understand very well the reality of individuals affected by chronic/hard to heal wounds. “Being a physician working for over 20 years at the emergency, I have always witnessed the struggles of individuals with wounds, such as diabetic foot ulcer. They present at the ER with a deteriorated wound, and after receiving the first care they usually do not have a place to go for the follow-up”, said Dr. Wood.

People from remote communities also face issues with transportation that impact the continuity of their wound care. Lucky, Telehealth is one alternative for people in remote communities that are gaining popularity for solving these service gaps. Telehealth has evolved into an effective platform for teaching and training, providing a faster diagnosis of medical problems, decreasing patient and healthcare system costs as well as infection risk especially in times of pandemic. (2)

“Now, with the support of Ridgeway clinic, we can offer a hybrid model to wound care, that includes in-person and virtual care to remote communities or individuals with wounds who prefer to be treated from the comfort of their home”, said Dr. Costa. Advanced will continue providing cutting-edge treatment to chronic/hard to heal wounds, and connect patients to the most advanced wound care treatment and technologies regardless of the model they choose (virtual or in-person). “We understand the importance of offering alternatives for wound care deliver (in-person and virtual care) and do our best to keep up the quality of both services to our clients”, stated Dr. Costa.


1. North West Local Health Integration Network. Regional diabetes plan [PDF]. 2016.
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