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From hospital-to-home, home care agencies, long term care and other care settings, our team of Certified Wound Experts and Multidisciplinary Network work in collaboration with healthcare providers to improve wound healing and health outcomes.


Ide Costa
Wound Care Consultant & Founder

Dr. Ide Costa is a NSWOC with an extensive clinical practice in the management of complex and uncommon wounds including diabetic foot ulcers, pressure injuries, venous leg ulcers, surgical and traumatic wounds. Dr. Costa’s both master (University of Sao Paulo, Brazil) and doctoral program (Queen’s University, Canada)  focused on improving wound healing while focusing on cost-effectiveness and enhancing individuals’ engagement in every day self-managment of chronic wounds. Dr. Costa is an Assistant Professor in the school of nursing at Lakehead University and a member of national (e.g., Wounds Canada, Nurse Specialized in Wound Ostomy and Continence-NSWOC) and international (e.g., WCET, WOCN) wound care societies. She has published several articles in peer-reviewed journals and lectured nationally and internationally. Dr. Costa has also been the recipient of multiple national and international awards in recognition of her outstanding work as a wound care nurse and researcher. Her passion to advance wound care outcomes by providing easy and timely access to Certified Wound Care Experts led her to create ADVANCED in 2019. Dr. Costa oversees all facets of the company from the design to operational aspects.

Cathy has extensive clinical experience in providing care for patients and families in burn and intensive care units. She has always had an interest in wound healing and improving outcomes for those with acute and chronic wounds, which drove her to attend the wound care training series offered by Wounds Canada. She has been teaching the pathophysiology course to second-year BScN students at Lakehead University for the past five years and has kept her current in wound care management by attending wound care conferences, workshops, and webinars. Cathy brings her clinical experience from burns, intensive care, and medical/surgical units where she has provided care to patients with acute, traumatic, and chronic wounds.

Catherine Schoales
RN, BSc (Biology), BEd, MScN, Ph.D. (student)
Wound Care Consultant
Emily Behse
Wound Care Consultant

Emily received her education in Canada, beginning with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) at Lakehead University. She then moved on to complete the International Interprofessional Wound Care Course (IIWCC) at the University of Toronto, and Master of Clinical Science in Wound Healing (MClSc-WH) at the University of Western Ontario. She has expertise in managing a wide array of acute, chronic, and atypical wounds in wound care and acute care settings. Emily also has experience in research and quality improvement with a special interest in the lived experiences of persons with diabetes and advancing the knowledge of both professional staff and patients on best practices in wound healing.

Kristen is an Advanced Clinical Nurse with expertise in wound care. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree through Lakehead University and has also obtained a Master’s degree through Western University for the Masters of Clinical Science in Wound Healing program. Kristen has experience in providing wound care to patients and families in a variety of settings, such as long term and acute care. She brings knowledge in wound care pathophysiology, management, and best practice. She has always been committed to deliver a patient-centered care approach and engage in collaboration with patients, families, and healthcare teams to achieve better outcomes.

Kristen Backx
Wound Care Consultant


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