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Wound Research Services:

Structuring a research project in order to achieve the most thorough and reliable results is not always easy. The team of wound care consultants is made up of professors and researchers with extensive experience in using qualitative and quantitative research methodology to address central and specific research questions.

Who may benefit from this service:

  • Graduate students or researchers requiring support in the design and development of research including but not limited to clinical trials, cohort studies, theory development, educational interventions that focus on improving wound outcomes.
  • Partner industry requiring consultation and clinical expertise to develop, test the safety and evaluate the quality of new wound care management products.

Advantages of the research consultancy service:

  • Better systematization of data.
  • Rigorous structuring of the research project.
  • Assistance with outcome measurement tools.
  • Guidance in the design of data collection and analysis.
  • Review research projects before submission to the Research Ethic Board.

Contact us for a Customized Support and Wound Care Research:

If you want support to develop and/or implement your research project, please contact us to learn more about our research services.