We have developed expertise and skills in advanced wound care!

Leading Excellence in Virtual Wound Care

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Our Wound Care Specialists

Our expertise, skills, and collaborative approach to wound care have led our patients to achieve successful outcomes.

Our team of Wound Care Nurses bring over 18 years of experience in:

 Our wound care nurses have been carefully screened and selected to ensure they have the clinical knowledge, skills, and judgment needed to provide customized and highly effective wound care. Additionally, we work in collaboration with the primary care provider and multidisciplinary team to address health issues affecting would healing.

Wound Care Technology

We use leading-edge technology and telehealth.

Telehealth improves timely access to services and provide a safe and secure environment to collect health information.

Why using Telehealth in wound management? Telehealth in wound care describes the use of telecommunications technologies and electronic information to provide wound care consultation and support to patients, families, and healthcare professionals on the journey toward healing of chronic wounds. While traditional in-person visits would allow a wound care nurse to see only three to five patients each day, the telehealth technology allows the same nurse to virtually see up to twenty patients a day (including first appointment and follow-ups).

Our telehealth platform is used to deliver our virtual wound care and simulates in-clinic consultation to provide expert recommendation to advance wound healing. It also allows patients, families, and healthcare providers to take pictures of wounds through their secure HIPPA-compliant app, and submit the pictures to receive immediate expert advice.

Key Feature Of Our Technology

Easy Access


Patients receive a link to instantly connect with one of our Wound Care Nurses. Our web-based and mobile-friendly app is easy to access and works across all smartphones including – iPhone/iOS and Android.

Timely Access


Establish timely access to Advanced Wound Care services from anywhere, anytime! Patients or caregivers will be able to send photographs of the wound with questions to one of our wound care nurses any time and receive recommendations on what to do. This ensures they are not alone!



Our platform provides standard assessment forms to document every encounter and wound assessment and stores all information, forms, and photos in a safe and secure place.

Safe and Secure


Patients and/or caregivers connect with confidence through a safe virtual platform and secure app that is fully HIPPA compliant and meets all HIPAA & PIPEDA regulations. Review our privacy policy here.

Key Benefits of Virtual Wound Care

Evidences has shown that using technologies and telehealth to provide virtual wound care is an optimal
solution to improve access to wound experts, especially, for population living in underserved communities.

Benefits of our Virtual Care:

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Allows us to effectively work remotely and conduct wound consultations in real-time

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Help people with wounds to have timely access to wound care experts from anywhere in Ontario, anytime.

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Enable us to offer affordable hourly rates and consultation packages.

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Make it easy and secure for patients and caregivers to send us self-assessments of their wounds and submit wound photographs for continued monitoring of healing progression.

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Allow us to receive photos of the wounds and provide effective recommendations.

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Eliminate the need of waiting to access wound care specialists.

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Facilitate engagement with individuals, families, and caregivers.

Benefits of Wound Care
Quality Wound Care Consultation

We are Committed to Provide Quality Wound Care

Our virtual care consultation is rooted in our commitment to compassionate and competent care. This has allowed us to offer a high level of quality care at an affordable cost to individuals, families, caregivers and partner organizations (home care, long term care and others).

We use unique approaches to deliver our virtual wound care that is evidence-based and aligned to our values and commitment to quality care. Our PRIMER approach ensures the delivery of patient centered-care while considering cost-effectiveness through best practice implementation. Our RECOVER approach ensures our clients are placed on the right care pathway to achieve wound healing.

We are committed to giving our clients (patients, families, primary practitioners, and healthcare providers) and their primary care provider peace of mind and security in knowing that our skilled and confident team uses best practice guidelines for wound care management and treatment properly while meeting their needs and addressing their concerns.